The Halloween Calorie Penalty

Candy Analysis Spreadsheet
This is the first year we’ve lived in a house in a neighborhood that might have kids trick-or-treating, so naturally, we bought the big bag of candy from Costco – 150 pieces.

We had 8 kids show up. And, we tried to push a bunch on them, but we still only offloaded about 20 pieces on the kids. My wife is on her way to canonization for how little of the candy she’s eaten (and, my daughter pulled in her own stash)

So, I wanted to figure out just how much candy I’ve eaten in the 5 days that have elapsed since we opened the bag.

For a grand total of 5,651 calories of candy in the last 5 days. That’s a lot of calories. So, to put it into perspective, I’ve converted it into miles jogging: 53 miles.

Want to see the data, here is my 2014 Halloween Candy Consumption spreadsheet.


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